Building data now becomes real

with 3D scans of your property - the future of data capture

for the revolutionary planning, development and management of buildings.

Welcome to the future of real data capture!

Detailed and precise 3D scans of your buildings will not only impress your investors. They deliver better decisions and recognise sticking points more effectively and efficiently.

Our 3D scanning technology captures every visible element precisely and reliably. It simply provides real-time data and makes it available in a form that makes sense for you - directly on the tablet.

This not only brings you efficiency, but also enormous cost savings. And along the way, you revolutionise the way you plan, develop and manage your projects.

The technology:

  • little equipment required
  • highest accuracy
  • results in real time directly on the tablet
  • diverse data preparation possible (2D/3D/digital twin, ...)
  • user-friendly integration

The results:

  • comprehensible and captivating presentations
  • digital building surveying
  • a completely new level of property visualisation
  • breathtaking details and virtual tours

Plans and information according to your needs

We generate 2D or 3D plans from the 3D scans. Or even a digital twin - as you wish:

The schematic floor plans from the 3D scans as PDF files impress with their clarity and attention to detail.

  • perfect for recognising, planning and positioning objects, as well as their location, size, equipment and infrastructure routes
  • perfect for impressing investors
  • perfect for improving your decisions


Discover the future of building capture with our 3D scans! Automatically generated DWG files with precise details of rooms, doors, windows, furnishings and more. Efficient, reliable and ready to drive your projects forward. Contact us now!

Architecture as DWG

Discover the world of modern architectural planning with our 3D scans!
Thanks to our innovative solution, we automatically generate DWG files that contain detailed rooms, doors, windows, furnishings and precise dimensions, and much more. Your projects become more efficient, more reliable and easier to realise.

Experience the future of architectural planning - contact us now!

Electrical as DWG

Welcome to the future of electrical planning with our 3D scans!
Our innovative 3D scans enable the automatic generation of DWG files with detailed electrical plans. From fire detectors and light fittings to loudspeakers, sirens, sockets, switches and floor boxes - our scans capture every visible element precisely and reliably.
This advanced technology makes electrical planning easier than ever before. Our automatically generated DWG files facilitate integration into your workflows and save you valuable time and resources.
Discover the possibilities of our 3D scans and experience a new era of electrical planning.

Contact us today and let us convince you of the efficiency and precision of our solutions!

We use the innovative 3D scans to create 3D models with an impressive level of detail that precisely capture and visualise every element in the building.

Translate your geodata into an LOD-200 building information model (BIM) in .RVT and .DWG format. Choose between different views:

  • Architecture: From visible walls and floors to doors, windows and roofs
  • Furnishings: from desks and chairs to household appliances
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations (MEP): From air conditioning systems to power and data connections
  • Special solutions such as MEP for architecture and complex industries, fulfilment centres, manufacturing facilities and more

Experience the future of 3D data visualisation with .e57 point clouds and take your projects to the next level!

From architectural and construction planning to terrain modelling, as-built surveys and monitoring, our .e57 point cloud is the solution for your most demanding projects.

With our file you can:

  • capture detailed terrain and building information
  • carry out precise measurements and analyses
  • create virtual environments for visualisation and simulation
  • implement seamless integration into your existing workflows and software solutions

Say goodbye to isolated data and time-consuming manual synchronisation, instead process all relevant information directly in REDi4 - from the floor plans to the detailed properties of your systems - everything is linked and easily accessible.

Experience a new dimension of efficiency and accuracy in facility management.

Connect your 3D scans with REDi4

Connect your components with REDi4

Tag your 3D scans and models and process all data through seamless integration with REDi4 . You can place tags anywhere in the room and create even more realistic views. This creates even better spatial orientation for everyone.

Everything in view and close at hand at all times

Our quickly created 3D scans support you as a building manager for:

Precise capture

of the building structure and its equipment in accordance with the latest standards

Efficient identification

of maintenance requirements and potential for improvement


safety and orientation through precise site plans and visualisations (2D/3D views)


costs and time when inspecting and maintaining systems

Our 3D scans provide you with an efficient, cost-effective and future-orientated solution for the planning, operation and maintenance of your buildings.

This is how easy building management works